Hello everyone!

My name is Anika, the owner of Arts by Bun; a small sticker shop that was built in a small bedroom in California. I have always been interested in drawing and even through I doubted my skills and the value in my products, I am so grateful to have so many people around me encourage me to keep going.

Every product has been created with time, effort, and care.

Individual stickers are weatherproof and has a glossy, laminated coating on top to further ensure the durability of the product.

Sticker sheets are either made with a glossy sticker paper or a recycled matte paper. The recycled paper is made with 100% Post Consumer Waste as the business's ethics strives towards a low-waste system.

The clear cellophane that protects the products are 100% compostable.

If there are any other ways for Arts by Bun to incorporate low-waste items, please reach out!